Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Why a Blog?

Three are several reasons why I've started to blog. A great deal of my large adoptive family moms have blogs, for one. But because of past experiences, I simply cannot expose private information like some of these brave ladies do. For the moms who do blog about their large adoptive families, more power to you, because I read several every day and am constantly upheld by your posts. The things that happen in your lives mirrors the stuff that goes on here. But I'm just not ready to make our daily struggles public knowledge.

Instead I want to blog about the things that bring me peace. Memories. Dreams. What makes me happy. How my mind works. Things I need to remind myself of daily. (I guess I'm kind of weord to think that anyone would want to read it...but I want to write it.)

I'm an incurable genealogist since the age of 12 when my grandfather Thompson sat down with me and my mom and told me everything he knew about his own family history. My research has largely stalled in recent years, as, thanks to the internet, I've gotten most of my lines way back, some to the 1400s. I would need a massive influx of cash and no need for things like, say, a new roof, or paying property taxes of $8800, in order to get the lines back even further.

Perhaps I've ruined the excitement of genealogy for my children, not that any of them seem to be overly interested in family history. But the sport has kept me sane several times in my life.

I'm also an inveterate internet marketer. Most of my free time goes to learning search engine optimization, traffic generation, and other stuff that most people would find boring. But my goal is to earn enough monthly income to allow my sweet husband to stop working. I have several online storefronts that bring in a little money, and that is growing, but it's a slow process. But selling my readers stuff isn't my goal here.

I'm also a very spiritual person. At one time I dearly wanted to become a minister and attended an MDIV program at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary for a few years. I had to quit a year before I would have qualified for graduation and ordination, but I did have the experience of working as a pastor for a while.

I enjoyed that experience and learned from it. But I am no longer a church goer. I'm on a lifelong search for spiritual answers, but it's my voyage, and it doesn't conform to any one religion anymore.

So, this blog is just a diary of my thoughts and feelings. Not an expose'.

All my love...

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