Thursday, January 15, 2009

When it's over, it's over

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've have to create a website for pay for someone and another one for myself to make money. This wouldn't have taken as long if 1. I hadn't needed a new computer right away and 2. that new computer hadn't had VISTA, which is taking some time to get used to and 3. My old copy of Dreamweaver MX (web page editor) hadn't had a glitch that made it impossible to do TABLES. OK, if you aren't a web designer you probably don't get the importance of that. But it's BIG.

The Christmas decorations were mostly down a week after the holidays, but the tree was still up. The decorations and lights were off. So one night about 3 AM Will got up and DEMANDED that his father take the tree outside.

Will is a "When it's Over , it's Over" kind of guy. Unfortunately he's also the kind of guy who will start asking when if Christmas is coming anytime soon right away. :)

It's cold here today, which is unusual where we live. Not freezing or anything, that happens rarely. Maybe twice since we've lived here. I never regret coming south. There are so many benefits, the best of which is NO SNOW.

Other benefits are only one set of clothing. No need for winter clothes and summer clothes. Jut a lightweight jacket or sweatshirt. No boots, hats, gloves. No tires slipping on ice. No need to scrape windshields. No snow days (OK we do get an occasional hurricane day or tropical storm day, and if we get a bad hurricane that does some damage here, it's just the priuce we pay.)

When we lived in Pittsburgh, PA the skies were always overcast. No, not smoky. That hasn't been the case in Pittsburgh for decades. Here the skies are always filled with white puffy clouds, or cloudless with the most perfect clear blue sky.

It's so much easier to handle other problems when the weather is good all year round. So much easier to maintain a postive outlook. The only thing I miss is the sense of history. Nothing is old here. And old house here might be one built in 1930 or 50. But I can deal.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Air Quality in YOUR Child's School

Here's a an interesting site that tells you exactly how bad the air is inside any school. Type in the school name and city and state and see how bad the air is that your children breathe during school hours.

Post here what the percentile of your children's school is. My kids' high school ranks at 68th percentile for good air. Could be worse, could be better.