Thursday, October 18, 2007

Pooping on Command

Our service dog in training, Jack, at one year old, after being in weekly training and daily reinforcement since he was 10 weeks old, has a good grasp of all the commands. The one I like best is the one where you make him heel, so he know's he's "on." Then you take him to where you want him to pee and poop and say, BREAK (the code word for pee and poop.)

He will stop and do which one of them he needs to do at that command. I think that is so cool.

And I'm thinking how neat it would be if you could train a kid from the age of ten weeks to do the same thing. Not just for going to the bathroom. But if you could train them to your commands, like "QUIET" (Jack sometimes pays attention to that one) or "COME" or "NO MOUTH" or "SIT" or "STAY."

For kids though I think I'd add a few others, like: "Homework, " "Chores," (where they would drop what they were doing immediately and do it, or "PEACE"-where they would immediately stop arguing. But the major command that I'd like to train kids with is the command "NO." It's all purpose for parents.

You train the kid to stop whatever he's doing immediately, like a service dog. So you catch a kid starting to rage you just say "NO." and the kid stops. Wouldn't that be cool?

Come on now, are our kids any less intelligent than a German Shepherd?

Here's a couple more I wish I had trained my kids with: "SHOWER!" and they dash off to actually do it-not just splash water on their arms and dab some on their hair and say they did.

How about "NO LIE?" You catch a kid lying and give the command, and they are so highly trained that they MUST give you the truth.

OK, so it does sound a lot like big brother...but hey, one can dream, cant one?

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