Monday, October 22, 2007

About JOY

This is Jeremy, who has Down Syndrome. Look at that face! I found the pic when we were defragging our closet.

A baby's smile is one of pure joy. His face explodes with joy.

It's probably because he is fresh from heaven, where all is joy. So, what if we could recapture that feeling for ourselves, at 20 or 35 or 60? It really is possible.

There are some steps to doing that. Steps that one should take every day. They are:

1. Relax and calm yourself

2. Say aloud exactly what you are grateful for in your life. Feel the joy that those things create in you. Expressing gratitude, and clarifying it for yourself are so important.

3. Say "Today I will find things that make me happy." And all day, look for those things. A wildflower, a pretty car, a friend's voice, a butterfly, a child's smile, a kiss...

4. Allow yourself to feel that joy. Unless you allow it, you'll miss it.

5. Remember your greatest moment of joy. Let that old feeling fill you. Strive for that feeling all the time.

God sends us experiences that match our state of mind. If you are angry, you'll get more things that make you angry. If you are at peace and happy, you'll get more things that make you happy and bring you peace. If you are sad or depressed, you'll get more of that.

What you feel each day, whether it be joy or sadness, is setting up by your spiritual vibration, what is going to happen in your life. Like attracts like in the spiritual world.

What do you want for your future? Joy or sadness and uncertainty? You can choose.

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