Sunday, May 25, 2008

Work is Love Made Visible

The above pic is from a field trip Dad and the kids took to the local therapeutic rec center. This county has come a long way. Twenty two years ago you wouldn't have seen or even dreamed of a center like this for special needs citizens.

I'm reading mystery/thriller novel by Jefferson Bass. It's one in a series of books about The Body Farm, which is a real place in TN where forensic scientists place dead bodies out in this farm under different circumstances to gather information on how bodies decay. Sounds yucky, but it's not.

But I found a line in there that I had to copy down.

"Work is Love Made Visible."

Seems like a saying that fits most special needs adoptive families. Don't you think? Next time you are grumbling about working so hard, think instead that you are loving so hard...

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