Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Parenting Special Needs Kids

While I was sitting and filling out the massive amount of paperwork to buy the new kitten (I refuse to say adopt the new kitten...) a woman and her young adult daughter came in with two dogs. The big one was being given to the pound. Obviously very old and tried.

The girl, who was somewhere between 18 and 24 I guess, was obviously mentally "challenged." (I'm not fond of that old term...) She had her own little terrier doggie and she was looking around the office and talking to people. She was fine. It was the mom who was whacked out.

Everytime the girl said or did anything the mom would roll her eyes at me an the others in the office. Like she was so embarrassed by the girl's behavior. The girl was talking to other folks in the office and this upset her mother. And she kept putting the girl down verbally. The girl didn't seem to notice the put downs or the rolling eyes. She was delightful.

And I'm thinking to myself, if you aren't going to be proud of your daughter and talk decently to her, at least find her a home where she can bloom. But not my business I guess.

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