Sunday, May 4, 2008


Early in the week I got a call from a news lady who said that the people at Special Olympics had told her to come interview my son, Ross about the upcoming state games. So, loving SO, and wanting to support them I said yes. Since it was just a newspaper story I figured no big deal.

She asked me about Ross and how he liked SO and I told her I had 8 other kids involved as well. So she wanted to know how I ended up with 9 handicapped kids, and I remarked that we had actually ended up with 21 kids. So there was the usual, "How do you handle that?" kind of discussion. You know. "you sure are special people." Special, right....

So we made an appointment for the newspaper lady to come out on Sunday AM for the interview. Only when they got here it was a TV crew. ARRGH. We've done TV interviews before and the almost always get something wrong, or put words in our mouths.

Now they wanted to do a blurb that mixed mother's day and Special Olympics and call it Super Mom and he Super Kids. I absolutely didn't want that and there is nothing super about us or the kids. We are an average family only larger.

So they talked with me and my husband and filmed the kids playing soccer. Jeremy got obnoxious, and they interviewed Jay. I have NO IDEA how the story will turn out, but I sure hope it isn't sappy.

And hey, you never know, maybe some wealthy person will see it and pay our 2007 property taxes... You never know. Wish us luck with this one...

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