Thursday, May 22, 2008

What ya gonna do?

Got a phone call last night from the special ed high school teacher where six of my kids are in her class. She wanted to ask me to keep Will home from school today because they were going on a field trip and he has in the past pooped his pants on the bus home. Now, Will is 20 and has Down Syndrome and is not my highest functioning child.

So I said, why don't you have someone take him to the bathroom before he gets on the bus. She didn't think that would work. I said, well I don't think that the fact that he might poop his pants on the way home is a justifiable reason to keep him home.

I didn't say that it was also illegal, and that she wasn't asking the mother of the kid who has a lot of seizures requiring medical attention to keep HER son home because he MIGHT have a seizure. Or asking the dad of the boy who runs away, gets in unlocked cars and drives away to the next county, to keep his son home. Just my son who might poop his pants.

So now she's ticked off at me. Too bad. Three more years and my kids will be out of high school. They can legally stay in school until the year in which they turn 22, but I see no purpose in that. I'll be putting them each into a transition academy to train for a job as soon as they graduate. They just aren't learning anything new in this high school. They are just putting in time.

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