Monday, May 19, 2008

Back from Special Olympics

My carefree weekend came to an end yesterday at noon when the big red bus brought everyone home. They all had a great time, and earned lots of medals and ribbons.

It's funny what's important to each child, and how different those things are. Staying in a hotel is THE biggest thing. The S.O. events are secondary. And when asked what was her favorite part, 23 yr old Jennifer said the scrambled eggs and applesauce they had for breakfast.

Still all did not go well, concerning the two usual suspects, Jeremy and Will. They made my adult dd Wendy so upset that she probably won't go on another SO trip. Will is so stubborn, and just too large to do anything with when he gets that way. Jeremy was reported to have been HORRIFIC. (And I'm sure he really WAS.)

In short, I'm glad I didn't go. But sorry for the way my two boys acted.

Ross, 15, however, found a new girlfriend. Unfortunately she's from the farthest away part of this state. But such a pretty girl, and he took her to the dance Saturday night. He says that was the best part.

Washing machine is busted. Can't get anyone out here on the warranty until Thursday. arrgh.

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