Friday, April 11, 2008

Problem Solved, at least for ME

This is the last day of the long Spring Break week!

Things have gone quite well. Will has kept all his clothes on for the most part. Jeremy hasn't broken any windows or destroyed any furniture. No trips to the ER. So by those standards I can say it has been a successful week, unlike past years.

Today started out bad, though, as Jeremy is really getting antsy. He had the DVD of High School Musical 2 blaring in the play room. I mean BLARING. And he refused to turn it down. And because he had in previous years punched out all the little buttons that control the volume, and had the remote in his hands and refused to give it up without a fight, I could see a definite trend to ramp things up.

So I took the DVD and told him he could have it back when he turned over the remote.

Resigned now to a day of, well, you know what, I told my husband about it. He was getting ready to take Jay to the Ortho clinic. And the angel that he is, he offered to take Jeremy with him! At that moment he looked really holy to me.

He'll have problems with him there for sure, as you have to sit and wait for hours. But what a loving thing to do for me.

And I thought of both my husband and Jeremy, as well as myself when I read Neale Donald Walsch's message for the day. It's truly wonderful.

On this day of your life, I believe God wants you to know...

....that beauty comes in many forms--and there is no form

more beautiful than you.

Just exactly as you are, this minute, right now, without

changing a are beautiful. Beautiful enough to

take God's breath away.

You do believe this, don't you? Oh, you must. You must.

How can I believe in my beauty if you don't believe in

yours? It's for me you must believe, not for you...

I hope you feel total peace wash over you when you read that...I did. If you didn't, read it again.

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