Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Making Extra Money with Surveys

I guess a year or so ago I had tried those paid online surveys. They took a lot of effort and time and there were hoops to jump through and other things to buy to get paid for taking the survey. I'd start one survey and it would be endless and extremely frustrating. I gave up. It seemed too hard for a Mom of 17 to make money this way.

A friend, S, however, set me straight. She is making about $600 a month with paid surveys. And she has a couple dozen kids. She told me that I was simply not finding the RIGHT surveys. That the ones I had been trying were complete scams. (I had figured that out...)

There really ARE a bunch of easy surveys that pay you a lot of money (well $5-75 is about tops) for filling out surveys. Legitimate companies looking for market research. They only take about 15-20 minutes to complete and people ARE making a good income with it.

I ran across a group that gives you everything you need to get started. And they have so much help for you. They make finding good paid surveys simple. They also tell you about local surveys and focus groups and Secret Shopper opportunities you can join to make money.

You MUST check it out. I was amazed. I think I finally found out how to make that extra $1000 a month so that my husband doesn't have to bag groceries anymore!

If you have an hour or two a day you could be bringing in more than you would be making at a part time minimum wage job every month.
And if you are up in the middle of the night with a kid or if there's nothing on TV, use your time to make some cash.

Click on the banner to the right and then click on the "Watch Video" image on the left as soon as the page opens. I just started early this AM and I've made $25 already. OK, so I skipped cleaning and doing the dishes...that doesn't pay me.

They have about 750 survey programs available, but I only joined the ones that pay cash, and only the ones that pay well. Some of them are contests, and sweepstakes. I won't waste my time there. I want CASH.

Thanks, S !

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