Saturday, April 19, 2008

I am so blessed

Tonight as I am sitting on my bed reading a novel, my little Emily comes in. She's 19 and has Down Syndrome, and we site on the bed together and talk about the kitties on the bed with us and the horsies at the Special Olympics Equestrian event today, where Em got a blue ribbon riding.

She is absolutely so sweet and loving. When Matt was little and I brought Emily home he touched her hair and said "Kitty cat." Meaning her hair was as soft as a kitty cat. I've been calling her that ever since. And it suits her.

Oh, she has a stubborn streak, as all kids do, but for the most part she is just adorable. I love being her mom.

I look at all the children I still have at home, every one with developmental delays due to Down Syndrome, Spina Bifida or crack cocaine...Whose parents didn't want the "burden" of raising them...

Dear Lord, what they have missed! And what an incredible blessing I have received from the love of these beautiful children, God's perfect children.

Has it been easy? No way! Has it been miserable at times? Sure it has! But more than anything else, has been the amazing love that they give us. What a wonderful blessing. Three wonderful intelligent loving and responsible birth kids who love their adopted siblings so much. Tremendously amazing adult adopted children, who have a love of their siblings like no other. And sixteen developmentally delayed kids who are closer to God's meaning of Love than anything else on earth.

And add my one true love, my husband to the mix, and what more could I possibly ask? I am so blessed. Thank you, God for all my blessings!

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