Sunday, April 13, 2008

Old Pic-us in 1995

I was looking thru some old photos and found this group pic of our family way back in 1995. Man was I busy then!

We had just moved into our house and Will (the little guy with downs bottom left) had recently ripped up the entire vinyl flooring so that it wasn't possible to relay.

All our kids, except Amanda, and Adam (top-third from left) were still at home. *** My oldest, Wendy, top left holding Jay, just pointed out that she had been living on her own for quite a while, and Meghan was married and had Sean already-she's holding him!

Adam was home visiting from college.

The little white guy, Ethan, with Downs to the right of my husband now lives in heaven, with his sisters Rebecca and Taylor and his brother Christopher. Miss them every day.

And No, I don't weigh that much anymore...and my husband FINALLY got rid of that beard not long after that photo was taken.

The youngest kid at home now will be 15 in July. He's grown like a weed and is getting a new wheelchair soon, way sooner than medicaid would have liked!

Our dream is that once the kids are all adults, that we will turn our 8 bedroom home into a group home where they can live together forever. THAT will take a lot of work, money, and effort to pull off. But everything IS possible.

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Anonymous said...

Hey! Meghan and I didn't live at home! Heck, she's holding Sean, and I was up from the Keys!