Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Wheelchairs and Such

We've had our share of wheelchairs over the years. But wheelchairs that are no longer being used take up too much space in a home with this many kids and no basement and no garage. So we've always donated the unused ones to groups that give them away to needy folks.

We have two foldable ones here, though, but neither one of them has tires on them. Ross, who spent the month of December in the hospital and recuperating from his e coli infection and kidney failure, still isn't back to his old self. He lost so much of his strength through that illness. He is back up and walking with his crutches, but he can't walk for long distances. Thus our need for another functioning wheelchair.

He really wanted to go back to school today after visiting the wound care office at the hospital. (He got a sore on his foot that blistered up during the infection and it hasn't been healing, so he went today to have the thing debrided -YUCK)

The high school is mammoth sized. There is a ton of distance walking every day just to get from for instance the classroom to the cafeteria. No way Ross could make that trip, especially with his foot still healing. So luckily my husband was able to get a prescription from the doctor for a medicaid wheelchair rental and picked it up after the appointment.

The image above is for the TankChair. Ross and Jay would love that.

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