Thursday, January 3, 2008

PHEW!! SSI Problems are over

Well, it's over. DH just got back from his second visit to Social Security (This doesn't count the one I made...).

If you've ever had a problem with SSI you know how aggravating that is. you take a number and then you wait with a hundred other folks until your number is called. Then you go to see someone at one counter, who invariably can't answer your question. This person tells you who you must see and puts in a ticket for that person. You go back and sit down and wait for another hour or two until you get that person.

Now once you see the next woman, if your request will take a lot of work (say, because you have nine kids on SSI with the same problem) then you will have to put in a request for a worker to get extra time to work on it. So you go home and wait to "hear from them." Which you never do.

Then after another week goes by with no phone call or letter you call the Social Secuirty number to get an update. This number is a national hotline type thing. You get put on hold forever. DH thinks that the hotline is a big scam, that it's nothing more than a black hole. If, after waiting a couple hours on the phone you do get someone, he/she could be from anywhere in the country. Certainly not someone local who just might be able to access your records.

If you know the name of someone local whom you've talked with before about your case, you can call that person, but either their voicemail box is full or they never call you back, necessitating another 8 AM visit to wait in line at the local office.

BUT...aggravating though it may be, we were informed today in person that they figured it out last Friday and that the checks are in the mail. Of course, it's not totally figured out yet. We aren't getting the full amount, but, hey, some money is better than no money.

We've not had any income since November 1st, except for a little retirement money and what my husband makes bagging groceries part time.

BUT WE MADE IT. We always do...

The whole thing would be so much easier if they handled problems online, now wouldn't they? Have you ever had to go through this kind of crud with Amazon, for instance?

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