Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Bodie Day Here

Our days usually are calm, unless Jeremy gets in a snit. Today I felt like Cindy must on a lot of her bad days. Dad and J got into a battle. J wanted the big screen TV sound up as far as he could get it. and Dad was trying to read a book. So eventually Dad turned off the tv altogether.

This set the boy off.. Ripped the round wooden top off one of our three dining tables and threw it across the room, then the wooden seat off one of the metal chairs went, too.

It looked like he was calming down, but the minute our backs were turned a metal chair (very heavy) went sailing right into the one year old 50 inch HDTV' screen.

Well that TV is shot. So then he goes out to the playroom and takes the 39 inch old tv off the entertainment unit in there and throws it to the floor. Another tv bites the dust. At least it's an old clunker.

At this point I have everyone locked in their rooms (locks are on the inside...don't want you to think I'm not letting them out...just keeping Jeremy out of their rooms and away from their tvs.

I sure wish Jeremy's teacher could have witnessed this rage. Just two days ago at Jeremy's IEP he was extolling the virtues of this amazing kid who never does any wrong. (Except for stealing people's cell phones and stuff like that...)

This is the first day in many months where I thought I was living in Cindy's house. This is the worst he's ever been. Hey, Cindy...I bet you don't wanna do respite...

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Cindy said...

I wouldn't even want to do respite for a sweet, well-behaved child....sorry you had such a tough day though, I feel your pain.