Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pics from the Horse Show

Our kids participated in a horse show at the therapeutic riding center where they take lessons. This was last saturday. Just got some pix. So here they are:

Jeremy, 15, our dear friend Karen and our friend Jessica

Ross, 16 and Ruth the Director

Emily, 21 and Ruth, the Director

Robin, 18

Ross, 16

Matt, 24

Jenny, 23

Jay, 15

Danielle, 17

The only one missing is Will, 21. Will won't get on a horse. He did TOUCH one the other week, though. If you have special needs kids, and can get funding for lessons at a therapeutic riding center, do everything you can to get them there. It does so much for their self esteem, courage, and had physical benefits as well. But most of all it's just plain FUN!

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