Sunday, February 8, 2009

The kindness of others

OK, I know I haven't posted lately, but, unlike some moms, like Cindy and megamom, we don't have the severe problems that we used to have.

This morning we did a rare thing - we took ten kids out to Denney's for breakfast. Three booths in a row. Everyone ordered from the children's menu, even though they are all teens or adults. The full breakfast is just too much food for anyone IMHO.

Remarkably, Jeremy was excellent. I made him promise to be quiet and behave, and wonder upon wonders, he was wonderful. He did get down on his hands and kneew and ask the pretty waitress to marry him. And kissed her hand. (Watches too much Shrek)

A lady about my age walked by and asked the standard question: Are you from a group home? I said no, thqat these were all our kids we'd adopted. She asked how many total kids and I said 17. She was so impressed with the behavior of the kids that she pulled out her wallet and handed me $36 cash. That was a surprise.

Yesterday at Publix where my husband bags groceries, a man in the parking lot asked for help in finding his wallet. So DH helped him look around and took him inside to the lost and found. Not there, so he went on his way.

A few minutes later the guy pulls up in his truck next to DH and gives him $10 for helping him.

So, the two kind people paid for half our breakfast this AM. It's nice to know that people are still good hearted, even in these hard economic times.

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