Sunday, November 25, 2007

Even the Simple Life Can Be Complicated

I'm a simple person. Relatively low maintenance. I don't need lots of clothes. I might buy a 3 for $10 pack of T-shirts at the local drug store every couple years. I buy my sneakers used on ebay for about $7 plus shipping. I get my hair cut every three months or more. I don't mind that I drive minivan-hey it works fine. The library keeps me in books. My husband is the same way.

Sometimes I wonder how we would live if we suddenly inherited a bazillion dollars. Not that we are related to anyone with any significant amount of money. We've talked about it, and yes, we'd probably fix the toilet in the playroom bathroom, put down nicer flooring in the family room, buy sod for the yard, put a big deck on the back of the house with a wheelchair ramp back there...

... But I don't think we'd move away from our little acre on a dead end dirt road. Or buy a bunch of new STUFF. There is so much good that we'd be able to do with the money. We don't need much to be happy. Just each other and the kids.

But even with our simple lifestyle, it is sometimes hard to make ends meet. Especially when SSI cuts off the monthly payments for three children who are at full rate, because of incorrect information. When you live a simple life, and are just getting by, that really hurts. And it will take a long time to correct, and we have no reserves.

The simple life comes with its own crappy complications.

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