Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Appliance Virus

So, Saturday the dryer caught this mechanical virus that's going around and died. Then yesterday while we were on our way to a meeting at the Habilitation Center the car overheated, due probably to a water pump going bad...still waiting to hear from the garage ICU on that one...

Then in the afternoon my daughter says "The washer is leaking." It appears that the washer had caught the appliance virus from it's partner, the dryer, and it died as well. What a shame, they loved each other so much and they were only three years old.

The hall bathroom faucet also has the virus...and I'm watching the toaster closely for symptoms.

How come it can never be just ONE major thing that breaks down? And why do they all break down right before Christmas?

Answer: Appliances are a sentient evil beings who take great pleasure in our angst.

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Qtpies7 said...

Oh my goodness, I don't think this happens like this to smaller families, either. Just the ones that can not deal with it.

Since January we have lost 4 vehicle engines. The washer, the dryer, the furnace and the fridge. Another car is having other issues and yet another car was purchased for the teens, and it only works when it feels like it, which is never when we need it.
I could keep going. But you know, you've been there. So we are now ok with a washer, dryer, furnace and fridge, but we only have ONE small car for all 9 of us, with 4 of us having jobs. And none close or the same time.
It IS working, though, with borrowing grandma's car, and a bit of team work.