Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve Thoughts and Praise

from Neale Donald Walsch, another thought provoking quote:

On this day of your life, I believe God wants you to know...

....that this is the eve of the birth of the Christ in you.

It is a re-birth, of course, for the Christ/God has always been

there. On this special eve, may you experience that

Presence in you, as you, through your sharing of the

love that has been brought to you directly from God.

The wonderful gift of Christmas is that it is not a one

day or one time experience, but lasts the whole year

through -- thanks to you. You are the gift, and as

you give, so shall you receive.

Love, Your Friend....

This quote rings true this year so very much. We had NO money for presents this year, and all nine kids, who are developmentally delayed, were going to be sorely disappointed this Christmas day. I mean we are just squeaking by, not able to even pay our homeowner's insurance and even this month probably not able to pay our mortgage payment, either.

I had asked a couple friends, particularly Karen, and my daughter, Meghan, to ask their friends if they had any used clothing or dvds, etc, that they were going to throw out, if they would instead donate them to us to use as Christmas gifts. I was hoping for just one thing that we could wrap

Well those folks told other folks and the ball started rolling. And I mean it rolled across the country. I've gotten calls from 1500 miles away from people wanting to send us their used toys and clothes. This was pay it forward in motion.

We have received bags and boxes of clothing, I mean tons. My dear daughter Wendy has gone through all the bags sorting out which of the nine kids could use a certain item. This has taken a lot of work, there was so much of it! We owe Wendy, Meghan and Karen a big THANK YOU!

Karen told the therapeutic riding center, and they spread the word. They brought us a lot of WRAPPED gifts, and I'm guessing they are actually new things. They are a non profit, and I have a feeling that they spread the word to some of their supporters.

One lady who works in Meghan's office donated a perfectly good laptop computer! And yesterday we received a FEDEX envelope with a gift certificate for $500 to Publix grocery stores from someone we have never heard of.

So this quote from Walsch means a lot to me. This Christmas season has shown God/Christ's spirit in action. It was those friends and relatives who spread that God spirit throughout the country.

In turn, I am 100% positive that all those who gave and those who helped spread the word will be truly blessed this year. And at a time when we thought nobody really cared about us, we have found that we have true friends everywhere.

All my love for you all, and Merry Christmas,


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Flush said...

Merry Christmas!! I am so glad things worked our for your family.

The quotes on this blog post are beautiful. Thank you for sharing them.