Sunday, December 28, 2008

About Death

This topic seems weird, I know, just after a joyful Christmas, but one of my friends from a list I am on is dying. She has been in the hospital. I think, for over a month. I don't know exactly how she came to be so sick, but I do know that she and I share diabetes as an disease. I'm guessing that she is suffering from some complication due to that.

She had been in the ICU for a long time, then a couple weeks ago she came out into the regular floor. The past couple of days she has gone back to the ICU and her lungs are failing. Much of this time she has been unconscious and infrequently able to talk to her family and doctors.

What we have in common is that P is also a mother of a large adoptive family with special needs children, much like mine, with children and adult children who have intellectual disabilities like Down Syndrome. But P is also a single mom. Her own mother is taking care of the children right now, but without a dad around I can't imagine what the children are going through, or what will happen to them.

Please pray for P and her family. She can still make it with prayer.

I've been thinking a lot about what I would like to happen if I become deathly ill.

I want prayers, but specifically for my family. I know I will be fine. I am not afraid of dying one whit. I look forward to living in heaven. Not that I want to die now, but that I am 100% comfortable in the knowledge of the Love of God. I want reasonable efforts made toward saving my life, but I do not want every life sustaining measure exhausted, nor do I want to rack up a bazillion dollars in medical bills that will live on after me. That's not the legacy I want for myself: huge monetary debt.

If the doctors think I am at the end, then so be it.

My love for my husband and children and friends will continue from heaven, which I am 100% certain is an actual place. I don't want a funeral or a viewing. I want a celebration of my life only, and THAT should be a big party, more like an old fashioned wake.

What exactly do you want your family to do if you become desperately ill? Have you told them? Please leave comments.

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