Saturday, July 19, 2008

Where have the bees and butterflies gone?

My back yard is filled with wildflowers. But one thing is missing this year.

There are NO bees buzzing around those flowers, and there are so few butterflies that I rarely see one out there anymore. Last summer they were abundant. I think the powers that be are not telling the country the truth about colony collapse disorder.

For some reason (some folks claim increased cell phone usage that is interfering with the bees' homing abilities. Others say it is an unknown mite.) bee colonies are disappearing at an alarming rate. Until this summer, I thought it was hype, but now I see that it is true.

(Tests have shown that if you place a cell phone next to a bee hive, the bees won't come back.)

What does that mean to life on earth? Albert Einstein said that if all the bees disappeared we'd have only 4 years of life left on earth. Think about it. No pollination, no vegetables of fruit. No grass equals no meat or fowl. Now maybe there might still be fish, I don't know. But enough to feed the world? I doubt it.

Estimates are that 60% of the western USA's bee colonies have disappeared, and that 70% of the eastern USA's bee colonies have vanished. I think we just might be in trouble.

QUESTION FOR READERS: Have you seen many bees this summer?

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Anonymous said...

We have wood bees making holes in our shed, which is by our small garden. However, for the exact reason you are talking about, I have hesitate to kill them because they might be the only bees I see this summer. So far I have seem some smaller bees, but not a lot. And with my veggies blooming, I'm hoping the other bugs will help pollinate, but it might be up to me to do it by hand. Hope it doesn't come to that.