Monday, July 28, 2008

1915 War Protest Song

If you think the business of war protesting started with the Vietnam War you'd be wrong. Here is a song made popular in the era of 1915 to 1918 during WWI. The sentiment is that world differences should be handled through arbitration between countries, not by war.

Today we have Obama wanting to negotiate with other countries, and McCain wanting only military action and no arbitration and negotiation. Yet I think that if women ran the world, or at least MOTHERS ran the world, there would be no wars.

Differences would be settled through diplomacy, negotiation and arbitration. Just the way we teach our children to settle disagreements.

No decent mother would ever tell her child to get a gun and go off and shoot the person causing her child a problem.

Listen to the song below "I Didn't Raise My Son To Be a Soldier."


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