Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Teachers ....

I have 7 kids in summer school. Six are going to the same high school special ed program. Two are in one class and three in the other. Jeremy goes to the specialized county run school for MR kids with extremely bad behavior.

Got a note home from the teachers that they wanted $5 per kid to buy a BETA FISH (also called a Siamese Fighting Fish.) The kids will learn how to take care of the fish and at the end of summer school will be able to BRING THE FISH HOME. NO WAY.

We have three cats, and we have WILL and JEREMY. Those fish would not survive, and if they did it would be because I took care of them, and I'm not gonna do that.

Hey, you can't even put them into an aquarium together as they'd kill each other. And I guarantee that Will and/or Jeremy would do the honors if they were brought home in little one fish bowls.

The school isn't answering the phone this AM...ARRGH.

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