Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Adoption Mafia

With no new shows on television that we are interested in, we've been getting sets of DVDs from the library for old Cable tv series for my husband and I to watch after the kids go to their rooms at night. (We don't have cable or a dish.)

In particular, we've been watching The Sopranos, from season one. We're at the end of season three.

Now, I certainly don't condone mob tactics, but I do like to fantasize that in the post adoption world that we HAD our own mafia. An Adoption Mafia.

Think about it...You have a school problem, and you send your adoption mafia capi out to "have a talk" with the offending person. Just a little threat of bodily harm. No actual smacking around, except when it is absolutely necessary...

You have CPS problem...make one call, and POOF, it goes away.

One of your teens is acting out bigtime and getting into trouble. The mafioso takes the kid for a walk and explains how it's gonna work. No more kid problems.

I think it has real possibilities. Anyone know a few goons?

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