Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wonder of Wonders

Robin (17 DS) is still at home today with a runny nose, so she and I went down to Jeremy's IEP meeting at the special state run classroom for severe behavior problem mentally retarded kids.

The last IEP I attended there I was informed in no uncertain terms that Jeremy would spend one more year in the high school class there and then be transitioned back into regular high school.

I was dreading that. This is a kid who made seasoned teachers cry with his behavior, who hit kicked and punched teachers and students alike. Who ran away frequently (once getting into an unlocked car and locking himself in. ) And once he had been transferred to this special class his behavior at home changed for the better as well.

So imagine my surprise when nobody wanted to transition him out of that school! It was like the discussion at the last IEP had never happened. I mean they had insisted that his current class was a temporary one and that it wasn't possible to keep him there longer than this current year.

But not one of them seemed to remember that conversation. I'm thinking it's another blessing from my following the teachings of "The Secret" (see the dvd on the right.)

When you control your thoughts and only think of good things, then good things happen to you. Your thoughts become your reality. The constantly angry or depressed person will draw angry people into her life as well as things that make her depressed even more.

That's a real simple generalization, but you get the picture. Get the DVD and watch it. I try to watch it once a month. I get new insights every time. My life is changed.

All my children are doing well. Very few meltdowns. Very few. And hardly any minor stuff either. It's downright pleasant around here.

Add to that the fact that I am married to the love of my life, who is THE best husband and father on the face of the earth...and I'm a woman at peace.

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