Monday, December 24, 2007

Taking the Stress Out Of Christmas

First of all I want to say MERRY CHRISTMAS to anyone who happens to bump into this page today or tomorrow.

This year I think I've found the answer to all the stress around this holiday. Christmas is all about Peace and the birth of Jesus. The day has become something to dread for most families. Certainly NOT peaceful.

Even this year I was not happy to see the calendar sneaking up on December. Especially since we were having a major financial crisis. But that financial crisis proved to be the cure to stress-at least the holiday stress :)

I started to shop in mid November, and bought a couple gifts on ebay. Gifts that were no longer being made. One gift per child. I've had everything I needed to do done way before today, and last night we even wrapped all but two of the presents. In 39 years of marriage we've never done that before.

Today, Christmas Eve, is peaceful. The way it should be. If we can keep Jeremy and Will busy, that is.

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