Sunday, December 16, 2007

Looks Can Be Deceiving

Looking out the window this morning I could swear I still lived in Pennsylvania and that it was about to snow. Gusty winds, grey sky. Looked like it was about 50 degrees.

But then I see a couple of these in the backyard.

The White Ibis

You don't see many of those in Pennsylvania, do you? And it's about 78 degrees outside. Not going to snow. We don't get many dreary days here. Not many at all. It's just a little front coming in over the big lake.

Lots of things in life look nasty, but it's often a big deception. Money problems, kid problems, marital problems, employment problems... You can let them destroy you, or you can choose to rise above it all.

No matter how bad things may seem, you can and should make a sincere effort to seek out the thoughts and feelings that make you happy. That give you peace and hope. A smile, a laugh, a funny movie.

Reach for the happy thoughts and memories. Nothing is more important to you or your family than your staying in a good mood. Like attracts like in life. Sad people attract other sad people and tend to make happy people sad, too.

Angry people, tend to slop their anger onto you. Then you get angry back. Don't let them polute your mind like that. Block that anger. Accept only happy thoughts and feelings.

Sounds kind of Pollyanna, but if you get in the habit amazing things happen. I have one kid who just LIVES to make me angry. It wasn't until we decided that refusing to engage him in his angerfest we were able to get some control back.

We're having severe money problems that before would have sent me into depression. But I know there is a silver lining coming. The money problems won't last.

So when you think it looks like a storm is coming, whether financial, or legal or family related, looks can be deceiving. Look for the White Ibis. He's around there somewhere.

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