Thursday, March 6, 2008


We have lots of snakes in our big back yard. Until now there were only two kinds.

1. the big black snakes

2. the little black snakes.

I have no idea what their real names are, and I really don't care as I'm 100% sure they are non poisonous. Jack the dog is scared of them, but I no longer am. They don't want to be anywhere near humans and run away as fast as they can.

The other day my husband had Jack out in the eastern part of the backyard that I don't normally visit. He saw a CORAL SNAKE-see pic. Now these guys are very poisonous!

But aren't they beautiful? Shiny, colorful and just charming looking.

It occurred to me that the coral snake is a lot like a RAD kid. So beautiful you want to pick it up and hold it. You want to seek it out. (well you would if it wasn't poisonous and you liked snakes.)

RAD kids are lovely and charming but boy can they turn on you with their poison. And in some ways their bite is much more dangerous. They also don't want to have anything to do with loving parents and do their darndest to get away from them or bite them and destroy them.

Such is my mind....

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Story of our Life said...

Snakes...never thought of it this way.

However, I do have to say..I LOVE IT!!

Thanks for your thoughts. They made me smile tonight thinking "yes...that is exactly how to describe a child with RAD".