Friday, March 21, 2008


Sorry I've been away so long. Way to much business to take care of.

Today I wanted to tell you how I was healed of a 42 year old fear. It was the fear of my husband dying before me and leaving me alone.

I'm sure I'm not the only one to have had this fear. But because of my understanding of the Law of Attraction, I knew that whatever your thoughts are, that you are automatically drawing that thought 's realization to yourself.

The universe/God gives you what your mind is thinking about, whether it be something good or bad. So I knew that my fear of DH's dying was eventually going to make it happen. I was drawing it to me.

I came across and purchased a book from one of the master teachers of The Secret, Joe Vitale. It's called The Key: The Missing Secret for Attracting Anything You Want

After reading this book and applying it's principles, I was able to totally rid myself of that fear. Probably would have taken year of psychoanalysis to do it. But in just about 10 minutes I cleared that fear out of my mind, heart and life.

Here is a short summary about The Key:

1. Before you can go asking the universe/God for anything, you have to be grateful for things and people in your life now. Too often we live in a future that never materializes. We constantly try to do things that will benefit us in the future. Now that's good. But... have to first be thankful for the life you have now. You have to say and feel, "I am content with my life right now, but I"d like more." That way you are coming from a positive viewpoint and not one of lack. I've always been a big offender in this. Always working toward things that I want to happen in the future. Never satisfied with what I have.

But upon looking at it, I DO have a wonderful life. I AM content in that life. And I need to be more fully in the present appreciating all that God has given me. That was breakthrough number one.

You can't expect the things that you ask the universe/God for to come about if you are coming from a negative NOW.

2. It you have a negative emotion connected to anything that you say you want, you are blocking it from appearing in your life. If you say, "I want a new house, " and you have a negative feeling about that-say "I don't deserve a house better than the one I grew up in," then you are blocking it.

The Key gives several ways of clearing those thoughts and emotions from your life. I was skeptical, but I tried a couple of them. One worked in less than 5 minutes. I no longer fear my husband dying before me. Phew!

If you have a request to make of the universe like "I want Johnny to make straight "A's" this term," but you have a fear/belief/emotion that Johnny just isn't motivated enough to do that, you need to clear that fear/thought/emotion before the universe will grant your request.

So moral for the day, Live in the Present and Appreciate What You Have, And Clear Your Mind of Limiting Fears and Thoughts. Then the things you want will come to you faster.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this book. I'll order it. I too have been trying to live by the principals of the SECRET. I'm learning to accept whatever life throws at me.