Saturday, April 25, 2009

We Didn't Walk Away

Large adoptive families often take a bad rap. We get reported to child protective services, most of us, once or twice a year for really stupid things, and for vindictive reasons. It's hurtful. It scares the cr*p out of our kids, and sometimes it totally destroys a family.

People think we do what we do because we have some ulterior motive. That we're secret pedophiles, or that we do it for the money (Yeah, right...)

Or we do it for the glory. (What glory is there standing up in front of a judge? or being put down behind our backs by people we thought were our friends and family?)

But we all have one thing in common that we need to remember in those hard times.

We saw a problem, and we didn't walk away.

This short video, made by a guy with his cell phone camera, got me to thinking about this. It's called "Mankind Is No Island."

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Claudia said...

Powerful post, powerful video. I linked to you today. Thank you for giving me strength and courage to face today.