Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving History

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there. Sorry I haven't posted of late. Not much news here.

This article from the New York Times corrects our mistaken history about the first American settlors (I mean European settlers to America, not the obvious first Americans, the native Americans.)

About 50 year before the Mayflower settlement. a group of French people came to Florida seeking religious freedom., They were Calvinists, which means their religious persuasions were more like Presbyterian than much of anything else. They landed in Florida, which was claimed by Spain. So the Catholic King of Spain sent soldiers (sailors?) to Florida to kill them all, calling them Lutherans, which meant anything other than Catholics. These were probably the first European settlors of the new land.

That kind of sets the tone for all the injustices that have been done since in this country under the guise of religion. For instance, in Florida, it is perfectly alright for a homosexual couple or individual to be foster parents. But if they want to adopt those children they have come to dearly love, then they are out of luck.

Mississippi allows a single gay or lesbian person to adopt, but not a homosexual couple. Huh?

Seems to me that a loving gay couple is a LOT more stable than the average of 7 foster homes a kid gets here before he either is adopted or ages out at 18 onto the streets.

But Happy Thanksgiving, folks. It's going to be very interesting to see what happens in 2009, isn't it?

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