Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Large Adoptive Family Cr*p

I know, I haven't posted in a couple weeks. Been busy. Mostly with the usual large adoptive family stuff, oh, you know, like CPS, kids behaving badly, house payments getting to be too much for us, my husband's hours being severely cut back at work...you know...THE USUAL CR*P.

I wonder if we would have signed on for this journey if we had known the hardships it would entail. Of course there is no way of knowing. And for a large family inclined mama nothing generally gets in her way.

Then we found out that the legal plan that we had on good authority would help us in case of CPS involvement really didn't. We were lied to by the people who said they were the administrators of the national foster and adoptive parents legal plan. Turns out that the FOSTER part was true, but not the ADOPTIVE. And the people who sold it to us were not even currently agents. I think they probably were when they sold it to us.

Now we've gotten a lot of use from the legal plan. It just wouldn't help us in a CPS investigation like we'd been told. Looking into alternatives.

This afternoon I was back in my bedroom, while my husband was cutting the grass and my adult daughter, who works for us, was with the kids in the playroom, Jeremy, who wanted to go outside with his dad (which no child here is allowed to do when the mower is running) ripped the molding that holds the glass in the one double door at the front of the house and dismantled it. QUIETLY.

Thank heaven we had years ago replaced three other similar french doors and had not gotten around to throwing the old ones out. So DH can take the molding off those doors to repair that one. But...come on now. It wasn't bad enough that he systematically dismantled his own bedroom door, broke a couple windows, banged multiple holes in the walls. Yet, I'm certain that we'r not alone in the home-destructiveness of a couple kids who have been adopted. I read Cindy's blog daily. I know it!

As for the CPS thing. It was stupid, and nothing will come of it. But CPS is NEVER pleasant to deal with.

I'm managing to stay very positive minded, though. I know in my heart that God has better things in store for us, and that we can ride out the bad. Together, we've always made it before and will again.

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